Darktrace: Global leader in Cyber AI delivers IPO

Since its inception in 2013, Darktrace has grown rapidly into a leading global player in AI cyber security, with over 4,700 customers in more than 100 countries. The Cambridge-headquartered company joins the Premium Segment of London’s Main Market. The IPO will support Darktrace to invest further in its world-leading R&D to create its next generation of products and to accelerate the adoption of its technologies in existing and new markets.

Tech in London 

Tech and consumer internet companies accounted for 40% of the capital raised at the point of IPO in 2020. This momentum is only growing stronger in 2021 and London continues to enable ambitious companies such as Darktrace to access investors who understand and support their global ambitions. Darktrace is an outstanding example of a UK-based technology leader at the forefront of the cyber security industry, globally.

Murray Roos, Group Director of Capital Markets, LSEG


An interactive session with Poppy Gustaffsson, CEO, Darktrace

An IPO is a milestone for Darktrace but there have been many pivotal moments in the company’s development. Which key moments do you feel are the most important?

When we started the company, it became quickly apparent that the technology would be very powerful in resetting how cyber security was done. We have had many important breakthroughs in innovation along the way, but a pivotal moment was when we developed the ability for our AI to intelligently respond to a cyber-attack as it was happening. That’s what we call Autonomous Response – for the first time, a machine system could fight back against an in-progress attack. Today, that technology is taking an action against an emerging cyber-threat every second.

Was an IPO always part of the strategic vision for Darktrace?

Our vision has always been to use our self-learning technology to allow businesses to defend themselves from a new era of cyber-attacks. The IPO is the next step on our journey – allowing us to invest further in our R&D centre in Cambridge and to pursue new fields of AI innovation and technology. 

Darktrace has already gained many blue-chip customers. Will the IPO help Darktrace in accessing new markets and customers?

The beauty of Darktrace’s technology is that it works for organizations of all sizes, in any industry sector – whether they need to protect their factory equipment or water treatment plants, their cloud infrastructure or office networks. This means we have a huge opportunity to access new markets, and the IPO will help to accelerate the adoption of our technology worldwide.

Would you like to see other UK tech founders bringing their companies to London's public markets?

Yes, absolutely. The UK has a unique pedigree in science and technology, and I am excited at the prospect of more and more technology companies listing in London and taking advantage of the vibrant digital ecosystem and skills that exist here.

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