London Stock Exchange welcomes Procure Space and HANetf Celebrating the launch of the Procure Space UCITS ETF

European investors are being given the chance to access the expanding space economy through the launch of Europe’s first Space ETF, Procure Space UCITS ETF (ticker: YODA) ‘YODA’ which lists on London Stock Exchange on Friday 4th June 2021.  YODA Space ETF is the latest innovation on the HANetf platform with Procure Innovation. Procure has a sister ETF in the US with the ticker: UFO and is from the same team that was behind notable thematics including the world’s first Cyber Security ETF. 

The launch is being supported with a bespoke SPACE index – the first and only Certified Space Data Product recognised by space exploration advocacy and education organisation Space Foundation – focused on satellite operators and hardware makers.

The SPACE index has been designed to capture the growth in the space industry with a focus on pure-play space companies while reflecting the global exposure of the market with more than 80 countries operating in space. The Space industry is perhaps the ultimate long-term megatrend. 

Back-tested performance shows it achieved 71.38% returns in the past year (32.41% since inception, 31/12/2014) highlighting the space economy opportunity for investors as Governments and corporations continue to expand space exploration and public and private investment in the space industry grows. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.  When you trade ETFs your capital is at risk.

Robert Tull, President of Procure Innovation and founder of Procure Space UCITS ETF, said: “We are thrilled to launch Europe’s first Space ETF, “YODA”. Space infrastructure is enabling numerous technologies like cloud computing, 5G, IoT, blockchain and beyond.  We are pleased to provide access to the growing interest and investment in the space economy as well as the potential for investors in YODA. Given the interest of highly successful entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezoz is a huge indicator of the potential growth in this sector.

“The commercialisation of space, whether it’s launching satellites to help meet the growing demands for data transfer or to support GPS systems and weather forecasts shows how the space economy is a part of people’s everyday lives and not just about space exploration.

“Launching the first European space ETF with HANetf is hugely exciting and we are confident the force will be with YODA and investors as the space industry continues to grow.”

Hector McNeil, co-Founder and co-CEO at HANetf, said: “We have wanted to launch a Space ETF for a long time and are delighted that we are now able to deliver the first in Europe with a tailored index specifically designed to capture the exciting developments across the market.

“Satellite systems and technologies are a major growth market as the growth of Uber, Deliveroo and others demonstrate. GPS is central to their success just as satellites are vital for providing higher bandwidth and coverage in broadband and telecoms.

“And of course, space tourism and hospitality is coming closer to reality with would-be customers queuing to go boldly where no man has gone before as costs come down.”

The S-Network Space Index (SPACE) tracks around 30+ space industry companies such as satellite-based telecommunications; transmission of television and radio content via satellite; rocket and satellite manufacturing, deployment, operation, and maintenance; manufacturing of ground equipment that is used with satellite systems; space technology and hardware; and space-based imagery and intelligence services.

Companies in the Procure SPACE UCITS ETF must generate at least 20% of their total revenue from space-related activities or space revenue must exceed $500 million annually. Some 80% of the index by weighting is allocated to companies generating at least half but typically all of their revenue from space activities while the other 20% is allocated to companies generating less than half their revenue from space.

Investments focus on satellite operators and hardware makers with top holdings including Trimble Inc, Gamin Ltd, DISH Network Corp, Eutelsat Communications and SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc but the index will provide early entry for space tourism and hospitality companies as costs fall to meet customer demand.  Around 71% of the index is listed in the US.  The ETF will have a TER of 0.75%.  When you trade ETFs your capital is at risk.

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04 Jun 2021
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