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Alfa Capital Holdings (Cyprus) Limited London Branch

Trading Profile Change

With effect from Friday 30 December 2005, Alfa Capital Holdings (Cyprus) Limited London Branch ("Alfa" or"the firm") will act as a Nominated Broker ("NOMBRO") for AIM companies.

The firm continues to act in a principal capacity in international securities. Alfa has access to the International Order Book ("IOB"). The firm does not have access to SETS or SETSmm.

Alfa settles its business through a settlement agreement with JPMorgan Chase Bank.

City Tower
40 Basinghall Street
United Kingdom
Firm CodeMember IDMember MnemonicCREST CodeEuroclear Bank CodeDTC CodeNotes
290ALSCGB2LALFA111702164 G 68126IOB
290ALFACY2NALFB275912164 G 68093IOB

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Membership team


020 7797 3232

Issue date

30 December 2005

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