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Atonline Limited


Change Of Settlement Arrangement

With effect from the close of business on Wednesday 3 June 2020, Atonline Limited ("the firm") will cease to settle its business through a settlement arrangement with JPMorgan Chase Bank NA London Branch using  Euroclear Bank  Code: 25001 and DTC Code: 2164. Any outstanding positions as at close of business on this date will continue to settle through these codes.

The firm continues to settle some of its business through a Model B arrangement with ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V.

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Elenion Building
5 Themistokli Dervi Street
Firm CodeMember IDMember MnemonicCREST CodeEuroclear Bank CodeDTC CodeNotes
244ATONCY21ATON57344769SETS - IOB - UK & International Securities

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Membership team


+44 (0) 20 7797 1900

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03 June 2020

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