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Routes to market

As a listed fund, there are three main routes to markets, the Premium Segment of the Main Market, the Specialist Fund Segment of the Main Market and AIM.

Find out which market best suits your needs

Entry requirements Premium Main Market SFS AIM
Transferable securities to be freely negotiable
Type of funds Closed ended Closed ended Closed ended
Offering document

UKLA approved prospectus

UKLA approved prospectus

AIM admission document
Audited historical financial information 3 years* 3 years* 3 years*
UK Corporate Governance Code Applies Code of choosing
Sponsor/NOMAD Sponsor NOMAD
Free float 25% No prescriptive free float No prescriptive free float
Working Capital Statement Unqualified for 12 months PD disclosure - can be qualified Unqualified for 12 months
Investment diversification
No more than 10% invested in other closed ended funds
Feeder funds ✔ (The feeder has to control the master)

*or such shorter period that the entity has been in operation

A choice of leading global markets

Premium Main Market

Dedicated to closed-ended funds targeting retail and institutional investors.

Specialist Fund Segment

Dedicated to specialist, closed-ended investment funds for professional investors.


For straightforward closed-ended fund structures seeking retail and institutional investors.

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