Welcome to the world's leading investment fund market

  • London Stock Exchange is home to over 450 listed investment funds, standing collectively at over $200bn in market capitalisation
  • Over 80 subsectors of investment funds exist, providing access to a range of asset classes and geographies
  • The London investment fund market has been in existence for over 150 years catering to the evolving needs of global fund managers and investors


London Stock Exchange provides a platform for diverse fund strategies to access deep pools of capital from institutional and retail investors. From welcoming funds in traditional sectors such as equity to alternative asset classes including royalties, renewable infrastructure, property and private equity, the London listed fund market is consistently innovating to provide global investors access to unique strategies through a listed fund structure.


Key features of the London fund market

  • A well established and knowledgeable investor base with strong understanding of the fund market
  • An efficient mechanism of growing a fund through further issuances enables funds to upscale in size as their strategy evolves
  • Multiple trading channels offer intraday liquidity for funds in the secondary markets
  • A full ecosystem of advisers including banks, law firms, accounting firms and fund administrators that provide support throughout the life as a listed investment fund

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Hipgnosis Songs Fund strikes a chord in the London listed fund market

For more than 150 years, investors have looked to London’s investment funds market as a rich source of innovative and non-correlated income opportunities. Since 2018, one such source has been music royalties when Hipgnosis became the first music royalty fund to list on London Stock Exchange.

Offering investors a pure-play exposure

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Green economy in focus: Downing Renewables & Infrastructure Trust

Tom Williams, Head of Energy & Infrastructure and Partner at Downing LLP gives his views on the launch of its newest fund, Downing Renewable & Infrastructure Trust (DORE). The fund is the latest London-listing to receive the Green Economy Mark on admission, which is given to companies and funds with 50% + revenues derive

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Discover the London listed investment funds market

The London listed investment fund market is more than 150 years old and provides investors exposure to a broad range of geographies and asset classes via a single listed investment fund.

What is a closed-end investment fund? Watch our short film to find out.

Listed investment funds are actively managed, closed-end structures with shares listed and available for trad

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