Specialist Fund Segment

What is the Specialist Fund Segment?

  • The Specialist Fund Segment (SFS) is our dedicated segment for specialist, closed-end investment funds targeting institutional, professional, professionally advised and knowledgeable investors.
  • SFS can accept a variety of sophisticated legal structures, providing the flexibility for structures that can comply with home-country tax or securities laws while also allowing access to permanent capital via admission to an international market.
  • As a regulated market, securities listed on SFS will normally be acceptable to institutional mandates.
  • Securities will be traded on either the Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service (SETS) or the London Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service: Quotes and Crosses (SETSqx) trading service, depending on the profile of the security and the relevant settlement-clearing arrangements. SETS is an electronic order book with integrated market-maker liquidity. SETSqx is a trading service for securities that are less liquid than those traded on SETS.


funds currently listed on SFS



total market value of funds listed on SFS


Why chose to list on the Specialist Fund Segment?

  •  The SFS has no prescriptive minimum free float. However, the exchange has an obligation to run fair and orderly markets.
  •  Funds that are admitted on the SFS are not required to spread risk, so they can admit single assets or funds with a far more concentrated portfolio.
  •  An efficient mechanism for growing a fund through further issuances and a permanent source of capital, which enables funds to increase in size as their strategy evolves.
  •  Secondary markets intraday liquidity facilitated by multiple trading channels.
  •  Suitable for concentrated portfolios and single assets as there is no specific requirement to spread risk.

Interested in listing with London Stock Exchange?

If you’d like to talk to us about listing your investment funds on the London Stock Exchange, please contact us via the form and a member of our team will be in touch to see how we can help you establish in London and start growing globally.

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