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Order book trading

The factsheet contains details of listings on the Main Market for both UK and international companies

Value last 5 days

Date/Time Volume Value traded (£) Trades Instruments traded Advanced Declined Unchanged
12.05.21 - 19:45:001,398,151,6054,665,129,0541,053,62427801003169582
11.05.21 - 19:45:003,079,598,8935,484,062,7551,278,7842862425236968
10.05.21 - 19:45:001,557,030,1174,263,423,329932,07927961127158782
07.05.21 - 19:45:001,317,313,1124,307,423,680918,2332747203563280
06.05.21 - 19:45:001,469,790,9904,576,189,425980,78727071574106865
As at 12.05.21 21:31:49 - All data delayed at least 15 minutes. Figures refer to total order book trading.

Order book trading


Secondary Markets factsheet April 2021

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Most popular questions

How frequently are the statistics files updated?

Each file is updated monthly and published in the first week of the month.

Where can I find a list of IPOs?

A list of all new issues including IPOs and money raised can be found in the Primary markets section.

Where can I find order book trading volumes?

The last 5 days trading data can be found in the Secondary markets section along with additional data and factsheets.

Where can I find the issuers admitted to trading?

A list of all equity-like issuers admitted to our markets can be found in the Issuers section. Alternatively, the latest month end numbers for Main Market and AIM can be found in factsheets of the Primary markets section.

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