Price (GBX)
2,076.00 -0.34%
JMATORD 110 49/53P
Open / Last close
2,110.00 / 2,076.00
High / Low
2,112.00 / 2,070.00
Bid / Offer
2,075.00 / 2,076.00
Special Condition: XD
Trading Status: Market Close
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JMATORD 110 49/53P2,076.00

Price information

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Open price
Previous close price / date
2,076.00 / 09 July 2020
52 week range
1,683.50 / 3,387.00
YTD return
1 year return

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Instrument market cap (£m)
Earnings per share
Dividend (yield)
2.72 %
Issue date
11 January 2016
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Market segment
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Date Time Price CurrencyVolume Trade ValueTrade type Trade flag MIC
09.07.20 18:03:22 2,071.00 GBX 13,339 276,250.69 Off-Book - SINT
09.07.20 18:03:22 2,071.00 GBX 13,339 276,250.69 Off-Book - XOFF
09.07.20 17:48:18 2,100.41 GBX 109 2,289.45 Off-Book TNCP XOFF
09.07.20 17:48:26 2,091.08 GBX 5,156 107,815.88 Off-Book TNCP XOFF
09.07.20 17:36:10 2,100.78 GBX 5,494 115,416.58 Off-Book TNCP XOFF

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from Johnson Matthey Plc
A proxy for automotives' future?

JMAT’s preliminary FY results might give a first indication of future (car) volumes and some perspectives on the developments in the battery materials business. The ‘preparation’ of the company erased c.-25% of EBIT. The justification therefore looks to us rather disconnected to ...

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Battery materials' position of points

JMAT’s H1 results were positively impacted by the good demand for car and truck catalysts, but profitability suffered. The top-line of New Markets was helped by the strong demand for battery materials, but profitability suffered from the investments in the next generation battery material e ...

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Crisis? What crisis?

JMAT’s preliminary FY figures were surprisingly strong as Clean Air, highly linked to vehicle production, generated higher sales and profitability. The division enlarged its share in European light duty diesel cars to c.65% and outpaced the local production in sales terms (incl. higher pgm ...

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Pulling the load

JMAT reported quite a good set of H1 figures with a higher than expected profitability. However, the single divisions gave a mixed picture of which Clean Air and Efficient Natural Resources made the pace on the profitability level. Despite management’s confirmation of FY guidance, we see so ...

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Endless restructuring and no end in sight

JMAT reported preliminary FY figures, which were burdened by a set of negative effects (legal proceedings and restructuring-related issues), which were more than our expectations. Bearing in mind the amount of these effects (£-140m), the explanations look insufficient. Consequently, our pro ...

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