Debt trading

Debt trading

13000+ tradeable securities
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  • The largest capital pools worldwide
  • Orderbooks for fixed income trading
  • Wide range of issuer services
  • Exceptional trading capabilities

The detailed operation

The detailed operation of each Trading Service is governed by the specific configuration of Millennium Exchange for that service and the Rules of London Stock Exchange. The Millennium Exchange Business Parameters is the second download below providing details of the configuration of each trading service including:

  • Details of daily trading schedule including timings
  • Basis of calculation of opening and closing prices
  • Publication and settlement regime in operation
  • Structure of price monitoring and ruling thresholds
  • Order and trade types enabled including details of any minimum size constraints
  • Comparison between Trading Services including selection criteria
  • Overview of market maker obligation sizes (EMS)

Documents and downloads

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Fixed Income Pulse: Technical Update

London Stock Exchange plc continues to collaborate with MTS S.p.A to ensure that issuers of bonds admitted to London Stock Exchange will be able to maintain ECB collateral eligibility via an additional admission to MTS BondVision Europe MTF (“BondVision”), as noted in its paper available

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Debt Capital Markets update Q3 2020

Download the update - Q3

We are pleased to share LSEG’s Debt Capital Markets (DCM) update for Q3 2020. The update provides an overview of global DCM activity and key highlights from London Stock Exchange, including key DCM transactions and LSEG initiative and engagement with the global

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Fixed Income Pulse: LSEG Debt Capital Markets Forum 2020 roundup

London Stock Exchange held its second annual Debt Capital Market’s Forum on Monday 21 September 2020, organised in partnership with Barclays. More than 140 delegates live-streamed and participated in the event via London Stock Exchange’s dedicated service for digital presentations and events – SPARK LIVE. This edition of our Fixed Income Pu

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Fixed Income Pulse: LIBOR Transition - Update for Issuers and Market Participants

Regulators have made the need to transition away from the use of £-LIBOR as a benchmark clear Market participants with exposure to £-LIBOR must now be preparing comprehensive transition strategies to be ready for the phasing out of £-LIBOR LSEG remains committed to supporting our clients through this transition and offers a suite of products designed to assist market participants in their t

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